April 18th

 As the weather changes, I feel myself change as if how hermits shed their skin for a bigger and better shell.

I've started to reconcile back with Angela but I'm hating myself for how it created a deeper space between us. It going to take a while to build that trust again but she's worth my time and effort.

She asked me what I think love is....some nerd might say some shit in line with chemical reaction in your brain, but I think it's the actions that cause you to react that way.

Her voice calms me down, her eyes makes me see, her smile makes my life shine, and her laugh makes me live.

Fucking hopeless romantic for sure...Oh God help me....

My work is getting intense, you can tell the peeps who knows their worth is beginning to try hard to make them be a better asset. I'm trying my best to learn more than I know. Best job in the world for sure.

Got my deployment gift from Norman today and displayed it in my office, if anything came out positive from Poland, it would be meeting him and being able to see what positive life is all about.

Question of the day:

I am staying on course or steering away?


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