April 17

 Who knows why people lie...?

Is it because people care too much on how the other person thinks?

Is it because people are immature?

Is it because people are a pathological liar?

Well, to start this blog I lied to the person I love. I was on a movie night with my girl and lied I went to sleep but went out to see my UC Irvine friend named Sam.

It definitely made me realize how coward I was and still wonder why I lied in the first place.

Me and Angela is going through a trust issue problem but I hope we figure to solve this issue together. She indicated that she hit up her ex bf to meet up for lunch and how much balls she has to say it to my face.

She went on a company trip to Denver and going back to Utah on Tuesday. Idk if we will meet in Coachella, but if she does come to see me, idk if I'll be able to see her the same again.

Story will continue...stay tuned for any updates.

Also, finally passed my motorcycle test.

Question of the day?

Where can I find steadiness?


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